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Richwoods Take on Clue is a Success

Richwood’s Take on “Clue” is a Success

Darielle Saintilus and Cameron Williams December 14, 2021

What it was about: On Friday, November 19th, this year's school play, Clue, kicked off to a great start. The play featured: Savannah, who played Wadsworth, Kenzie, who played Ms. Peacock, Flynn who played...

Fatimas Book Recommendations

Fatima’s Book Recommendations

Fatima Salinas and Cameron Williams December 14, 2021

During the majority of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown many of us felt alone and bored out of our minds since we could not venture out of our homes. Many people turned towards social media more than usual,...

NASAs telescope

NASA’s New Telescope Release

Mason Hucal, Writer December 14, 2021

On April 24, 1990, NASA released the Hubble Space Telescope into space. The Hubble gave humankind their first glance at things like a suspected black hole in the core of the galaxy, elements from the early...

One of Banksys works

The Robin Hood of the Art World: Banksy

Lindsay Wales and Cameron Williams December 14, 2021

Banksy is a worldwide wanted outlaw, while simultaneously an Oscar nominee, millionaire, philanthropist, and leader of the counterculture movement within the art industry. Through their media, they slam...

Jadas Take: Accepting Love No Matter What

Jada’s Take: Accepting Love No Matter What

Jada Davis and Neeti Reedy December 14, 2021

The concept of love is whole-heartedly the best thing to ever be created, but it has always been limited by humanity and their inability to be open-minded. Love is beautiful and can come in a platonic...

Staff Feature: Ms. Andrews

Staff Feature: Ms. Andrews

Sarah Allen and Neeti Reedy December 14, 2021

Mrs. Andrews has started her first year at Richwoods as our new Junior Assistant Principal. Starting her career as an English teacher at ICC, she has worked for the district for nearly 30 years. Mrs. Andrews...

Senior team after a powderpuff practice

Powder Puff Game

Madison Adler, Staff December 14, 2021

After all the COVID cancellations that happened last year, many were excited to get things back to normal with the annual Powderpuff game-- a girls football game between the junior and senior class that...

More Than Just Skill

More Than Just Skill

Montrell Wright and Audrey Drozd December 14, 2021

Mardy Fisher, tennis player for the United States says, “Mental health is not a very easy thing to talk about in sports. It’s not perceived as very masculine. We’re so trained to be “mentally tough,”...

Marvels Eternals: Criticism and Controversy

Marvels Eternals: Criticism and Controversy

Andrew Lee and Cameron Williams December 14, 2021

With the release of one of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installments to theatres on Nov. 5th, fans and critics held conflicting views over the quality of the new superhero flick. Opposing arguments...

A New Solution to the Pressing Issue of Mental Health

A New Solution to the Pressing Issue of Mental Health

Liz Setti and Neve Kelley December 14, 2021

With society’s recent awareness of mental health, many actions have been taken to create a global environment that decreases issues that lead to mental illnesses. Along with the move towards destigmatizing...

Diving into Success

Diving into Success

Maggie Urich, Editor December 14, 2021

Molly Gordon is officially the most successful female diver in Richwoods High School’s history. Going into her senior season there was high hopes for Molly, she was coming off of last year’s season...

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle

Neve Kelley, Editor-In-Chief November 4, 2021

 Puzzle from the New York Times

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