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NASAs telescope
NASA's New Telescope Release
Mason Hucal, Writer • December 14, 2021

On April 24, 1990, NASA released the Hubble Space Telescope into space. The...

Women Roll Up Their Sleeves
Women Roll Up Their Sleeves
Desiree Lawson and Addyson Cockrum October 24, 2021

September 25th, a day of prosperity and assistance, will be remembered in Peoria....

More Than Just Skill
More Than Just Skill
Montrell Wright and Audrey Drozd December 14, 2021

Mardy Fisher, tennis player for the United States says, “Mental health is...

Richwoods Take on Clue is a Success
Richwood's Take on "Clue" is a Success
Darielle Saintilus and Cameron Williams December 14, 2021

What it was about: On Friday, November 19th, this year's school play, Clue, kicked off to a great start. The play featured: Savannah, who played Wadsworth, Kenzie, who played...

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Jadas Take: Accepting Love No Matter What
Jada's Take: Accepting Love No Matter What
Jada Davis and Neeti Reedy December 14, 2021

The concept of love is whole-heartedly the best thing to ever be created, but...

Senior team after a powderpuff practice
Powder Puff Game
Madison Adler, Staff • December 14, 2021

After all the COVID cancellations that happened last year, many were excited...

Setting Students Up for Success
Setting Students Up for Success
Neve Kelley and Liz Setti November 3, 2021

As members of the class of 2022, we are at the height of the college application...