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Student Perspectives: Security Measures in Schools

As school shootings become more prevalent across the nation, measures of security have been put into place by Peoria schools in order to ensure students’ safety. For example, at our own high school, bag checks and metal detectors have been implemented as students arrive at school each morning. Though these security measures seek to prevent danger and protect those attending Richwoods, students have differing opinions on whether they like or dislike them.

Brayden Philips stood outside of Richwoods High School on a recent morning. He had been there for ten minutes waiting to get inside. Since bag checks cause students to wait in line outside the door, it often takes students additional time to get to class. Some might be upset with the delay, but Brayden, a freshman, says it’s okay because having school resource officers staffing the metal detectors and checking bags makes him feel safer. Although he doesn’t like waiting outside, he likes the fact that there are security checks set in place. “I like the idea of having people check bags and use metal wands. It makes me feel safer” he said. These bag checks and metal detectors are important and helpful to students’ safety at school.

Like Brayden, many students feel the same way given the number of school shootings that have recently occurred in the United States. However, junior Sienna Stepney does not enjoy the bag checks as much because she believes they take too long. Although she does admit they are probably a good idea, even though she does not like them. Some students might find themselves frustrated by the lengthy wait in the morning during bag checks, but many agree that it is significant to their safety.

According to, a national web site for security professionals, there have been 198 shooting incidents at schools nationwide so far this year. Several students and teachers have been injured or even killed. As such, districts like Peoria Public Schools have put into place measures like metal detectors and bag checks to deter people from bringing weapons to school. The district also has security officers inside many of their buildings. They are the district’s equivalent to police who are trained to be aware of what is going on and how to prevent violence from happening within schools. Other measures were put into place such as having all doors locked so people cannot come in any time they want, further preventing threats from entering schools. For example, a visitor to Richwoods must be “buzzed in” by someone in the office who can see them on a camera. Once inside a building, a student or visitor must have a pass to walk the hallways.

Through measures like security checks, locked doors, and visiting passes, Peoria Public schools are diminishing the likelihood of violence and danger within their establishments. Students may have opposing opinions on these security measures, but schools across the country are erring on the side of caution seeking to ensure students’ safety and prevent potential threats from occurring before students enter the building.


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