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Resident Evil Four (2005) Review

Evie Bell June 1, 2023

Resident Evil Four, released on January 11, 2005, is arguably one of the most influential video games ever released. At the time, third-person perspective gameplay was revolutionary, paving a new road...

What Inspires the Boys Basketball Team

Alanna Ross May 24, 2023

The Knights Boys basketball team has had an awesome season this year. Their overall record was 25-6, with their conference record being 7-3. They also defeated the Manual Rams in the game to win the regional...


Julian Payne May 24, 2023

Given the release of the sixth installment of the scream franchise, it’s only fitting to go back to the original and see just what exactly makes it such a classic. Scream (dir. Wes Craven) was released...

What Makes Subnautica Such a Good Game?

Evie Bell May 24, 2023

The open world genre of video games is unique. To be a captivating experience, an open world game must be interesting enough to hold your attention and influence you to explore. No game does this better...

The US Accuses North Korea of selling weapons to Russia

Yonah Oliver, news writer May 24, 2023

On Thursday, February 23rd, the United Nations held a Security Council meeting during which the United States made several accusations. These accusations were made primarily against North Korea. As Russia...

Dr. Clarkson- Teacher of the Year!

Dr. Clarkson- Teacher of the Year!

Kamryn Ragains, Editor in cheif May 19, 2023

Recently, a Richwoods teacher received two very prestigious awards.   Dr. Kelsey Clarkson won the Donald M. Phares Award which goes to the most outstanding educator Peoria Public Schools.  It is truly...

Mr. Crusen playing baseball for Monmouth College

Mr. Crusen is back at Richwoods!

Andrew Lee, Feature Editor May 19, 2023

Mr. Crusen is our new assistant principal for the Sophomore class! Before obtaining his position to positively influence RHS students, he was a hard-working teacher and coach for ten years. When asked...

Revivals: What are they, and why are there so many on Broadway right now?

Kenzie Strickler May 2, 2023

2022 saw many revivals of classic Broadway shows, such as the “Great White Way,” and 2023 promises many more. When a show is “revived” it means that its original run has ended, and it is being...

The Last of Us Review by Matt Maushard

Lily Liao, Editor March 10, 2023

Rarely does a film or television show make me think about the vast possibilities of storytelling. We live in a time where many large studios and production companies choose not to take risks in their entertainment;...

Review of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Cailyn Bell, Writer March 6, 2023

Released in December of 2022, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was the sequel to the 2011 Puss in Boots movie that no one expected; it was a surprisingly delightful watch with a deep story. Like the first...

Students and chaperones posing in front of an I heart San Juan sign in Puerto Rico.

PPS Students Take a Trip to Puerto Rico

Kamryn Ragains, Editor in chief March 1, 2023

Peoria Public School students and teachers pose for a picture in San Juan, Puerto Rico. On January 12th, 2023, Richwoods students accompanied by six Peoria High students two Manual students, and five...

An Ongoing Saga: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Yonah Oliver, Writer March 1, 2023

In 1947, the Partition Plan, Resolution 181, was adopted by the United Nations. This divided Palestine into two states, on Arab and one Jewish (Israel). Thus, creating many issues such as the instigation...

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