A Difficult Year of College Admissions


Neve Kelley and Liz Setti

Currently many high school seniors are receiving admissions decisions from the nation’s top 25 colleges and other regular decision programs. Due to this overwhelming time, social media being is being filled with seniors showing their acceptances and more commonly, their rejections. As a result of the implementation of test-optional due to the pandemic, admissions rates have been at an all time high. However in conjunction with the record amount of candidates, admission rates are now at an all time low, making the admission cycle for the class of 2022 the most difficult yet. 


The high school class of 2020 and 2021 historically changed admissions process by making test-optional the standard for many schools. Many students were not able to take the SAT/ACT junior year because of COVID-19, and a lot of schools transitioned to online learning which would have negatively affected many test scores. While the SAT/ACT only reflects a small part of the intellect and capability of college candidates, nullifying their role in admissions criteria has heavily impacted the high school class of 2022. Compared to other years, the admissions cycle for the class of 2022 has been quite difficult. 


According to the Atlantic, the number of applications submitted to colleges has increased nearly 150%, while the size of high school graduating classes has remained stable. A majority of the applicants applying to top colleges are exceedingly qualified, however, colleges simply don’t have a place for every single qualified student. Because of this, many students have begun to see college admissions as more of a game, hoping to get into the “best” school with the lowest acceptance rate, rather than finding the best fit for them. 


Many students go into the admissions process with their hopes high—they have filled their resume with perfect transcripts, high test scores, impressive extracurriculars, top recommendations, and they have worked incredibly hard. Then comes a rejection letter, and rejection is a tough pill to swallow. But this year, more than any other year, college admissions is a gamble. Though it may seem impossible in the moment, you will find the place the place you were meant to be.