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Teacher Feature – Ms. Halsey


Ms. Halsey is our new Algebra II teacher!  She teaches both regular and enriched classes. She is known by her students as a chill teacher who is always willing to help, as well as for playing amazing music in her class and being a mild caffeine addict. One interesting fact about Ms. Halsey is that she has visited 22 different countries and lived in China for an entire year! The Shield interviewed the first year Richwoods teacher to get to know her a little better.

The Shield: “What made you decide to pursue teaching, and why did you choose math specifically? What other jobs did you consider, if any?”

Ms. Halsey: “I chose to go into teaching halfway through my sophomore year of college after previously pursuing a career in nursing. A math teacher that I had for 2 years in high school always encouraged me to go into the education field, specifically math. So, when I was considering switching fields, I thought back to why that teacher may have thought this would be right for me and ultimately decided to trust their judgement. As soon as I started in the education program, I knew it was the right place for me.”

TS: “How long have you been in Peoria and/or District 150? Why did you choose to stay here or move here to teach?”

Ms. H: “I have been in the Peoria area for 5 years, all while attending Bradley University. This is my first year teaching full time in the district, but had taught here previously throughout college and I connected right away with RHS. I knew there was no better place for me to start my teaching career than here.”

TS: “What is your favorite math subject, and what is your least favorite math subject?”

Ms. H: “My favorite math subject, unsurprisingly, is Algebra 2; I think it covers a lot of really interesting material and gives students the chance to extend their knowledge from Algebra 1 and dive deeper into some of the same topics. My least favorite (though I still love it) would have to be Geometry.”

TS: “You often play music in class that the students choose, but what is your personal taste in music?”

Ms. H: “I listen to nearly every kind of music, really just depends on my mood or what I’m doing!”

TS: “You are almost always seen with coffee. What is your favorite coffee brew, and where do you get it from?”

Ms. H: “I don’t have a specific favorite or go-to coffee. I typically drink black coffee in the mornings, and then if I treat myself to Starbucks, I’ll get a cold brew with oat milk and brown sugar syrup!”

TS: “What are your hopes for this school year?”

Ms. H: “I’m hoping that this year can be positive and at least mostly fun for each and every class. Otherwise, I’m trying not to set too many expectations for the school year!”

There you have it! We hope you can learn more about Miss Halsey and look forward to having her as a teacher for the rest of the year!

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