Nadine’s Ranking of Marvel Shows (Disney +)


Marvel is one of the most popular media and entertainment franchises in the world. Almost everyone has seen at least one Marvel film. With their huge expanding fanbase and expansive list of projects, there is something for everyone. But that isn’t to say that they’re slowing down on releases. As Disney+ emerged as a new streaming service, Marvel announced that they would be embarking on a new endeavor: releasing original shows on the platform as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore, the amount of Marvel’s cinematic releases is slowing down. Since then, Marvel has released eight original shows. Some explore already existing characters, while others introduce new heroes into the MCU. However, the shows vary drastically in terms of success, so I have ranked the seven shows that are currently complete below. Warning: spoilers below! Read at your own risk.


MCU fans were skeptical when this show was announced about two of the most forgettable Avengers, but the show quickly proved its worth. Although it had a weak beginning and a rushed ending, WandaVision made up for it with impeccable acting, storylines, and plot twists. Everything from the elaborate sets and costumes for each era to the catchy soundtrack easily makes WandaVision the best Marvel show yet.

Moon Knight

Marvel plots often utilize a certain formula and Moon Knight is no exception. However, the mind-bending storyline and incredible performance from Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant make the show different and refreshing. Seeing a superhero have flaws and struggle against villains as well as against his mind makes Moon Knight one of the best characters yet. The cliffhanger in the ending has viewers eagerly awaiting season two, and with good reason. However, the awful CGI prevents this show from taking the top spot.


A show about Loki— who is arguably the most-liked Marvel character by many— seemed like a dream come true. Especially after his death in Infinity War, people were eager for his return. However, the show was ultimately disappointing. Demoting Loki to a mere love interest on his show was a mistake on Marvel’s part. There were so many possibilities for the show, and they chose the worst plot possible. However, it did introduce the TVA and Kang which projects in phase 5. Ultimately, the only redeemable part of the show was the blossoming friendship between Loki and Mobius, and even that was destroyed by the end.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Another project with a Black lead was exactly what Marvel needed. However, the controversy around who deserved the shield (the obvious answer is Falcon) weakened support from the audience and generated the wrong kind of buzz. Overloading the plot with forgettable characters like the Flag Smashers, Sharon Carter, Zemo, and John Walker also made for a choppy story. Nevertheless, the heart-wrenching story of Isaiah Bradley and his struggle as a soldier and veteran makes this show one of the best examples of true representation in Marvel.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was a game-changer for many reasons. Marvel was finally giving representation to young Muslim girls and adding to their ever-growing, albeit short, list of diverse characters. However, what started as an exciting show quickly declined as it became less bearable. The poor CGI and her changed powers and backstory made her feel less and less like the Ms. Marvel many know and love from the comics. Although it wasn’t a bad show, it doesn’t come close to some of the others on this list.


Many people were surprised by Marvel making a show for the most boring Avenger. While the banter between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton was amusing, the show had a lackluster plot and villain. Not to mention that releasing the show around the same time as No Way Home was a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Needless to say, the Hawkeye show was just as forgettable and boring as the Avenger himself.

What If?

Marvel’s animated series explores possible multiverses with the same characters MCU fans watched on the big screen over the years. While some episodes had exciting plots like zombies or the return of great characters like Ultron, the show remains ultimately forgettable and had weaker episodes, such as the captain Carter episode.