The Batman: An Action-Packed Film You Won’t Want to Miss in Theaters

The Batman, released in theaters on March 4th, 2022, is an action-packed
superhero film. The thrilling masterpiece, directed by Matt Reeves, successfully
claimed the best opening weekend and the biggest international industry opening
of 2022 so far, making $248.5 million in its first three days globally. This is an
impressive feat, given that it already made this much before being released in
Japan and Asia. This top-rated movie was Warner Bros best pandemic
international opening, with 86% on rotten tomatoes.
The movie was highly anticipated and the trailers for this movie won the
Golden trailer awards for the best teaser, motion, and title graphics, and best sound
editing in the Golden Trailer awards. In addition, it featured many popular actors

such as Robert Pattinson, who played Edward in the popular Twilight Saga, Zoe
Kravitz, who acted in Divergent and Fantastic Beasts, and Jeffery Wright, who
won an Emmy Award starring in Broadway.
Many of the actors in the film had previously starred in Gotham, a Netflix
series set in the early life of Batman. Although the movie was not intended to be a
continuation of the series, watching it can still be beneficial in helping one better
understand the background as Gotham features some of the major criminals in the
movie, such as the Riddler, Penguin, Cat Woman, and the Joker who appears at the
end. The movie also features a few secrets for fans of the franchise such as the
twins who work under Penguin that originated from the Batman comic. They are
played by Max and Charlie Carver who appeared in the shows like The Office and
Teen wolf.
Adding to the fantastic actors, Director Matt Reeves did an astounding job.
In order to receive a wider audience, he stressed that there will be no R-rated
version of the film, as it would have previously been. He also wanted this new and
recent adaptation to ground the supervillains in more realistic settings than
in previous films. The film accomplishes this by displaying some of the villains in
psychiatric hospitals and nightclubs.
Although the movie was a big hit, the production still went through its ups
and downs. The film lost a 76-year-old voicing coach, and Robert Pattinson
contracted Covid in the early stages of filming. The Director had to wear a mask
and scuba diving goggles to cover his eyes, in order to stay safe from contracting
Covid. “It was absurd.” He claimed.
Overall, the movie was a great success and I highly recommended it to any
Twilight, superhero, or DC lovers, or anyone who is seeking an action, crime, or
thriller-packed movie. But be sure to bring extra popcorn as this movie is around
three hours long! You’re definitely in for a treat!