Richwood’s Take on “Clue” is a Success

A summary of the Richwood’s fall play


What it was about:
On Friday, November 19th, this year’s school play, Clue, kicked off to a great start. The play featured: Savannah, who played Wadsworth, Kenzie, who played Ms. Peacock, Flynn who played Professor plum, Mathew, who played Mr. Green, Aby who played Ms. White, Sarah who played Scarlett, Amalla White who played Colonel Mustard, and many others. The play was an adaptation of the popular film and board game, Clue. In this murderous comedy, each of the main characters were invited to Boddy Manor, unaware they would be blackmailed into staying. The audience was able to indulge into the setting with Scarlett, Plum, White, Green, Peacock and Mustard on their journey to find the murderer in the mansion before they were victimized themselves.

Memorable moments:
While in the audience, there were a couple memorable moments that stuck out to us. One of our favorite moments was when the cast ran out into the audience. It was unexpected on our part, but it was a perfect addition to further the mood of the scene. Not only was the scene super engaging, but it also added the right amount of energy that the characters were feeling to the newly found dead body in the manor.
Another moment we loved was when Wadsworth was reenacting the events that happened to try to retrace their steps to seek the murderer. It was hilarious. Overall, we also liked how much emotion the actors put into playing their parts. It was nice to see how their individual personalities complemented one another.

An inside look:
Although the play was a success, much work had to be put in leading up to it. The cast only had 2 months to prepare. To an outsider, 2 months may seem like plenty of time to rehearse, but that is not at all the case. Not only did the cast have to memorize lines, but the backdrops and props also had to be made. Also, costumes for each individual had to be fitted and situated, and lighting/ sound had to be incorporated into the show. The actors/actresses had to work hard to pull off such a captivating performance but what most people do not realize is that the backstage crew had to work just as hard. A play cannot be pulled off without them. Additional factors such as changing scenes, background music/ sound effects and lighting all play a crucial role in setting the mood. Without any of that the play would be confusing and hard to interpret for the audience members. It is shocking the number of people that overlook the fact that the backstage crew oversees all that. In all, we appreciate the hard work the cast and backstage crew put into the show. Because of their efforts, the audience was able to enjoy a humorous and energetic show from start to finish.

Additionally, we conducted some interviews with some of the cast members to get to know them and to gain a deeper understanding of the performance. Below were some of their responses:

What did you most look forward to in the play?

Kenzie (Ms. Peacock): a gag bit she had with Flynn
Flynn (Prof. Plum): hearing the audience’s reactions
Fatima (backstage): opening night
Jessy (the maid): making friends with fellow cast members
Mathew (Mr. Green): hearing the audience laugh at the jokes made in the show

What was the hardest part of participating the school play?

Kenzie: the screaming parts she had since it wasn’t in her nature
Flynn: memorizing lines
Fatima: the pressure of makeup to look good
Jessy: injuries (Jessy cut her hand while opening a prop)
Sarah: getting into a character that is a different personality
Mathew: remembering the lines

How long have you done theatre?

Kenzie: six years
Flynn: four years
Fatima: two years
Jessy: this was her first show
Sarah: since eight years old (half her life)
Mathew: six shows

What’s your favorite part about acting?

Kenzie: reading the script, and interpreting the characters
Flynn: getting to experience different worlds and using creativity
Jessy: the atmosphere and social environment
Sarah: I like playing pretend and doing shows with my friends
Mathew: playing around with the cast and thinking about new ways to improvise

What is Clue all about to you?

Flynn: chaotic murder party
Fatima: murder, murder, murder
Jessy: blackmail mystery murder
Sarah: murder mystery comedy
Mathew: innuendos and screaming