Mr. Robison is back!


The 2022-23 school year at Richwoods has welcomed many new staff members, one of which being our new principal, Mr. Robison.

This is Mr. Robison’s first year as principal at Richwoods, but not his first as an administrator. He was an assistant principal at RHS for 4 years from 2016-2020 and spent the last 2 years as principal of Brimfield high school. The driving force towards his career in education was his high school wood shop teacher. Mr. Robison felt lost, with no motivation or direction in life. However, after realizing how good an influence his wood shop teacher had been, he decided he wanted to do the same for others and began his career in education shortly after graduating high school. After his graduation, he enrolled at ICC for a semester, before leaving and joining the Marine Corps. After his time in the marines, he got a four-year degree from Bradley University. His career in education took him to several different schools for several different reasons – one of which being coaching wrestling at Manual.

Mr. Robison has welcomed Richwoods into his life with open arms. He believes that staff and student participation in school activities is essential to the success of the building. He has several alter egos he employs to energize his school spirit including the Macho Man and Slash. The school’s diversity (both in the community and the activities offered) is one of the things Robison seems to cherish most. “I mean, there’s everything. There’s a Dungeons & Dragons club, newspaper, robotics, podcast club, chess club. There really is something for everybody.”

When asked if he had any advice for students, he reiterated the idea that every student needs to hear time and time again – believe in yourself. Put yourself out there, try meeting people, do things you’re interested in. This is no easy feat, but if Billy Robison can come to Richwoods, fully prepared to do his best for the students and staff, the students can take a page out of his book and do something challenging for themselves as well. Welcome back Macho Man!